Maya Mendoza
"The Heart Shaman"

  • Healing Treatments for your
    mind, body, soul and business
  • Deep Realxation Therapy
  • NLP & EFT

“Dear Maya, my marriage is back on track. The Divorce proceedings have stopped. John and I are friends again. I feel like a newlywed. I don’t understand what you did but it worked.”
Claire O’Neil

“Dear Maya, the Cancer is gone. The Doctors can’t believe it. Thank you for bringing god’s miracle into my life.”
Mr W Simpson

“Dear Maya..As we talked a calmness came over me. I felt my mood lifting. Minutes later the incessant negative talk in my head went quiet and I felt weeks of tension fall away.”
Daniel Phillips

“Dear Maya, the illness has gone. Even better than that, at last I feel life is my friend. This is true heaven, for the first time I am simply plain happy inside.”
Morgan McConnell

“Dear Maya, just seconds after we completed the Relationship Clearing process I could not find a bad thing about my husband in my brain. After five years The war between us has ended. Four weeks on we are still happy & contented in each others company.”
Barbara Edwards

“Dear Maya, I feel like have been given a new lease of life. I look younger. My health has improved. My blood pressure is normal. I’m sleeping well, I have patience again, and it is effortless to think and act clearly.”
Elaine Gold

“Dear Maya, more important than what you have done for me, you have given me my wife back. Looking in her eyes I can see girl I knew and married; happy, joyful, fearless and fun. I feel like I am walking on air and the luckiest fella alive. Thank You”
Jo Gold

“Dear Maya, I want to tell the world that everything is great. My life is like a rainbow. I am living the same life, but now it feels like a like a rainbow, bright and full of joy. I’m so happy and grateful. thank you Maya”
Christina DeBeer
Healing the Heart of your Soul
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