Maya Mendoza
"The Heart Shaman"

  • Healing Treatments for your
    mind, body, soul and business
  • Deep Realxation Therapy
  • NLP & EFT

“Dear Maya, my marriage is back on track. The Divorce proceedings have stopped. John and I are friends again. I feel like a newlywed. I don’t understand what you did but it worked.”
Claire O’Neil

“Dear Maya, the Cancer is gone. The Doctors can’t believe it. Thank you for bringing god’s miracle into my life.”
Mr W Simpson

“Dear Maya..As we talked a calmness came over me. I felt my mood lifting. Minutes later the incessant negative talk in my head went quiet and I felt weeks of tension fall away.”
Daniel Phillips

“Dear Maya, the illness has gone. Even better than that, at last I feel life is my friend. This is true heaven, for the first time I am simply plain happy inside.”
Morgan McConnell

“Dear Maya, just seconds after we completed the Relationship Clearing process I could not find a bad thing about my husband in my brain. After five years The war between us has ended. Four weeks on we are still happy & contented in each others company.”
Barbara Edwards

“Dear Maya, I feel like have been given a new lease of life. I look younger. My health has improved. My blood pressure is normal. I’m sleeping well, I have patience again, and it is effortless to think and act clearly.”
Elaine Gold

“Dear Maya, more important than what you have done for me, you have given me my wife back. Looking in her eyes I can see girl I knew and married; happy, joyful, fearless and fun. I feel like I am walking on air and the luckiest fella alive. Thank You”
Jo Gold

“Dear Maya, I want to tell the world that everything is great. My life is like a rainbow. I am living the same life, but now it feels like a like a rainbow, bright and full of joy. I’m so happy and grateful. thank you Maya”
Christina DeBeer
Healing the Heart of your Soul
Friends and Fans Endorsements
Tracy Carter

Independent Film and Documentary Maker, Journey Practitioner, Theta Healer
In a world busting with so called experts Maya is the real deal. She is a Master Healer, a true Healer’s Healer and a ‘real’ Personal Development and Spiritual Guru. You will not find any ‘quick fixes’ here.

In simple terms, Maya gets the job done. Her work is elegant and efficient and appears effortless.

 Such skill only comes with great discipline, practice and experience.

She is a total pleasure to work with, a wellspring of expert knowledge, wisdom and energy…and a good laugh.

Malin Carlberg

Founder of The Mastermind Group
It’s a rare capability to really be able to reach the depth of people you work with and on top of that bring out the very best in them.

Maya’s strength is to sense the uniqueness in people’s personalities and ideas to release it and bring it to the surface.

She has a fresh approach to problem solving and and triggers new ways of thinking which draws you away from ‘old habits’. This combination brings people and projects rapidly into their authenticity and accelerates any branding or positioning process.

Maya is very spontaneous and passionate about her work and the people she works with. She puts her whole heart into it and it reflects in her great dedication.

With a great portfolio of soft and people skills she can really bring the best out of people and help them reaching much further than expected.

Jen Maxwell
If you don’t know who Maya Mendoza is, remember the name because you will.

I have worked closely with Maya for months, and discovered an old soul who is a warm and caring mentor as well as a healing genius.

She is am amazing trainer and can hold the attention of a group with the power of her personality and her amazing voice….She has a mesmerising voice that keeps people listening.

Knowing Maya is like gentle rain in the desert.

Steve Rigby

General Manager, Zenith Consulting Group
As a change coach and professional ally Maya works wonders. Her gentle touch, wisdom and clear sense of global possibility have helped me and continue to help me with my personal breakthroughs and life planning.

She is persistent with her own search for her highest capability and this informs and shapes her craft. She has the capacity to ground possibility and lift and enrich the mundane.

Choose to interact with her and you will benefit. I have made that choice and benefit in another continent.

Victoria Price

I have know Maya for 17 years. In that time I have been student, client, colleague and friend.
The important thing of course is the results, and Maya delivers every time.

Over the years I have seen some extraordinary things in the world of healing yet have never met anyone else who delivers anything like the profound, fundamental and life changing results I have witnessed in others and received myself

Paul Stanton

former Associate Harvie Training Group
When I fist met Maya (1992) I thought she was crazy. Then I started to work with her and I knew I was right.

I tried to get her thrown off the project. I am glad I failed because what she achieved was incredible.

100 competitive employees and 5 disparate agencies started working together as a cohesive team in 4 weeks flat.

Her methods are unconventional, clever and they work.

If you love your life just the way it is keep your distance. She takes no prisoners. You have been warned.

Barbara Brunoldi
I have experienced Maya’s results first hand. She is an Intuitive Creator and Master Practitioner of NLP and many other Ancient and Modern Healing Techniques; her 25 years experience brings a irreverent, no ‘BS’ laser like ability to look right through and delve deep into the heart of issues you are dealing with. If you want change she will deliver – BIG TIME.

Whatever you are facing, weather it’s physical, emotional or business related, you can expect to gain extraordinary insights and transformational results delivered with great compassion, deep understanding and a great dose of humour.

Her sessions are a Must for anyone ready for permanent change and lasting success. Two THUMBS UP!

Jazz Rasool

Owner & Creator
I have known Maya for 14 years. She is a unique individual who brings originality and unexpected results into your life.

Her personality is innovative, effervescent and vitalising.

She is a wellspring of creativity who connects quickly with people to develop powerful relationships that engage them with a deeper flow of their ideas.

She will then help harness and organise your flow and vision in a way that strengthens your performance, increases you bottom line and has real world impact.

Trust me – you will enjoy her company.

Alistair Macneil

IT Professional
Maya is a dynamic person, she is curious and enthusiastic about everything she does.

If this doesn’t rub off on you while you are working with her you’re either in the wrong place or don’t have a beating heart.

As a teacher and mentor she inspires. She will not let you settle for less that you can deliver. I have been stretched past my comfort levels a few times and this has caused tension but as Maya says “creative tension creates momentum” she is right. Despite setbacks I found myself busting through personal and planning issues that had seemed insurmountable like a hot knife through butter.

If you want results and you are prepared to work at it give her a call.

Greg Heffernan

When Maya starts to speak you had better listen. This woman is a visionary.

Every second sentence is a new and workable idea. She sees the big picture and manages to encapsulate it in an easy to understand form.

She has more combined talent across more subjects and skills than anyone I have met.

Her ideas get under your skin, and inspire you. She sets your soul on fire so get ready to work harder than you ever have before. You will soon become more you thought possible.

John London

Maya is not able to think ‘outside the box’ – she lives outside the box! This gives her a unique perspective.

She is unscrupulous in her ability to tell it like it is without passing judgment, goes straight to the core of the issue, transforming and remodelling it for the better, is utterly committed and follows through to the end.

All that and she makes me laugh! Genius utter genius.

John Fielder

Career Management Consultant, Accredited Master Coach & NLP Trainer at Training Brilliantly.
Maya is an excellent personal development professional, NLP master, healer and executive coach who specialises in and consistently delivers a range of cutting edge personal and corporate services.

Quite simply, she is brilliant at what she does.

Make the opportunity join up with her on one of her courses, or have a one to one session and find out!